“Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.”  —Friedrich Schiller

As a house, COÛT DE LA LIBERTÉ stands for hope in a world that doesn’t always make optimism easy. We stand for yearning, for a willingness to venture into the creative wilderness, for letting go of societal expectations and bland mass-appeal aesthetics. To create beauty, we paint in a myriad of colors, onto bold silhouettes, constructed of the most luxurious fabrics. We recognize that our garments are a physical manifestation of the inner imagination; and therefore, they truly reach full bloom only once inhabited by their wearer’s own dreams.

From the mind of True Religion founder Jeff Lubell—and his wife, muse, and co-designer Carrie Lubell— COÛT DE LA LIBERTÉ, which translates as the cost of freedom, is a deeply personal endeavor, a brand that defies limitations.

At COÛT DE LA LIBERTÉ you will find statement pieces. There is no filler. Our idea of luxury is the indulgence of fantasy, not because it’s decadent but because beauty and excitement come from ideas, the wilder the better.

Velvet bellbottoms, cowhide motorcycle jackets, rainbow patchwork fur coats. Swinging fringe, dazzling sequins, shiny stretch leather. You get the idea.

Everything starts with the fabric. From Paris to Milan to Tokyo, we scour the world for the very best. Textures must be irresistible; patterns must be bright and eclectic; and colors must be infinite.

Equally important, the interior of the garment must feel soft, be sumptuously comfortable. We believe a statement piece can’t simply look amazing on a hanger. It must feel as wonderful on the body of the wearer as it appears to the eyes of the admirer.

From hand beading to custom Italian hardware to meticulous cut and sew, our craftsmanship is unparalleled. 

Not only is our design atelier based here in our hometown of Los Angeles, but every garment is made here as well. Our production is 100% local and ethical, and we are able to be there watching over every step, ensuring delivery of only the highest-quality pieces, the kind worthy of a closet’s most premium real estate.